The medium of video offers decisive advantages in the search for the right candidates for your company. Unlike text, videos can help to convey emotions and attract people to your company. By watching these videos, candidates can get a better picture of the company and the position. This enables them to make an informed decision about a potential application. For 76% of all candidates, the company culture is decisive for their application. Companies are therefore more likely to receive suitable candidates.

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The job ad is dead - long live the job ad

Let's be honest! What does the recruiting process look like with traditional job ads? The ads all have the same appearance. Hardly anyone reads them all the way through and they can't be shared on social media channels. They simply don't give any insight into the company.

A job video, on the other hand, conveys a feeling for the company, for the people who work there, how they look, how they act. Video is the perfect medium for this.

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Less time-consuming and much more economical is the job video from metru. It is a video-based job advertisement that is produced easily and conveniently with our metru Recruit app. The app takes care of all the tasks involved in media production.

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We have also rethought the  conventional concept of job boards as we believe that job ads still have an important role to play. However, they need to be complemented by the medium of video. The video gives the applicant an impression of the company and they can call up further information if they are interested.

Authenticity instead of high gloss

A glossy, expensive production is no guarantee for a successful employer branding video or job video. Authenticity and the effect of the video on the viewer are much more important. You don't necessarily need a large media production.

metru's intelligent solution takes you by the hand and guides you through the process quickly and easily. With the metru Recruiter App, all tasks like directing, editing, animation and sound design are automatically taken care of for you. The professional video is created in just 10 minutes. The app is the result of our expertise in video production and the use of visual language from 13 years of experience.

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more applications by video-based job ads

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75% of HR professionals assume that job advertisements will contain less text and more audiovisual formats in the future.

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50% of candidates say that a video is crucial for the application.


1 Job Ad + Jobvideo per month
Package Content
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Use of the metru Recruit App for the production of Jobvideos
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Professional equipment (directional microphone and smartphone stand)
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Individual opener with your CI
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Onboarding and showcasing by our expert team
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metru support in the creation of the job video by phone, e-mail or chat
Free of charge!


3  Job Ads + Jobvideo per month
Package Content
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Use of the metru Recruit App for the production of Jobvideos
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Professional equipment (directional microphone and smartphone stand)
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Individual opener with your CI
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Onboarding and showcasing by our expert team
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metru support in the creation of the job video by phone, e-mail or chat
190 € per month

Our offer for maximum reach

Videos are becoming increasingly important in today's recruiting. Job ads with video already have up to 12% more hits than without video. On Facebook, videos have the highest organic reach at 8.7%.

In 2020, 82% of the entire internet will consist of videos. Job ads that are enriched with a good video make sense for 2 out of 3 viewers.

Discover Next Level Recruiting in practice - and launch a reach rocket with us!

Your Jobvideo advantages

How recruiting works in the 21st century
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You can record your job video with your smartphone in just 10 minutes. Tell the candidates about your company, the job, the requirements and benefits. The App takes care of the editing, creates an opener and supports you during production.
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A job video is cheaper than a large media production. You have a studio in your hands!
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Largest reach

Achieve significantly more reach by integrating video into your website, social media channels, and job ads. Increase your reach without touching your advertising budget.
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Video is king

More than 70% of Google search results are videos. They are up to 53% more likely to be displayed on the first page.
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Employer Branding

The job video is a paradigm shift in employer branding. For 76% of all candidates, corporate culture is a decisive factor when applying for a job.
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Video as a filter

A video serves as a filter. Candidates who watch a video about a job can make a more qualified decision about a possible application.

The Jobvideo process

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Important! Do not download the metru app for Jobvideo, but the metru Recruit app! Only this allows you to shoot a video for your job advertisement.

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Before you start recording, briefly prepare what you want to show and say. You can set your own priorities or use our guiding questions. Then start the recording.

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Once the videos have been recorded, you can trim them and select a logo for the video opener. Various sound files are available to accompany the spoken word.

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The app takes care of all media production tasks. It automatically combines the opener and the recordings you have produced, adds an outro and adds music to the video.

Use metru for your growth!

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