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Personality and attitude are at least as important as professional qualifications when selecting personnel. Companies specifically look for candidates whose attitudes, values and motivations match the corporate culture. An application video helps to convey an authentic image of yourself.

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Written applications are considered outdated these days. With our metru app, you can easily record videos to tell more about your motivations, experiences, skills & qualifications. These are integrated into your application to create the perfect combination of your professional and personal skills.

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With our video job ads, you get an impression of the people in the company and at the same time receive all the relevant information about your potential job. You can send your application with the integrated videos with just one click and present yourself authentically.

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Create a career profile in just a few steps. You can easily use this profile in your application, as recruiters automatically receive all the information they need about you as a potential employee.

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Close-up is your new CV with the wow effect. Using your smartphone app, you can simply record three short videos that we insert into your CV. Close-up will make you stand out from the competition.

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You can find exciting vacancies in your region on our job board. You can apply there with your metru profile or your close-up CV. You're just one click away from your next job.