Video application: Good tips for making smartphone videos

If you want to take full advantage of a video application, you should consider the basic requirements for a good video recording. We list the most important parameters below.

Your benefits from the video application

A video application is the perfect complement to the classic application with video clips. This gives you the opportunity to emphasize important sections of your application in detail. You shoot the videos for your CV, your cover letter and your skills. This allows you to add something or explain something in detail. The videos also give you the opportunity to present your character and personality much better. This makes it very easy for employers to see whether you have the desired personal qualities and whether you would fit in with your colleagues.

But what should you pay attention to when creating the videos? We have put together some important points for you.


Good lighting is the number one issue when shooting a video application. Try to use daylight, as this has the most natural effect. This in turn means that it is best not to use harsh artificial light, such as that emitted by bluish LED lamps. With daylight, it is important not to film against the sun. So film with the sun and let the sun shine on you. The highest quality of light is achieved near a window.


You you'd better not have disturbing background noise during your video recording. So, close the windows and doors and inform your family or flatmates that an important video shoot is coming up. After all, who hasn't seen the signs in the TV studio: "Quiet please! TV recording." When choosing a room, you can also make sure that the acoustics don't echo.


A tidy and calm background lets you shine as the main attraction of the video application and does not distract from you. It is good if the background is monochrome and objects in the room are outside the picture. If there are objects in the background, think about how they affect the viewer and what they communicate about you. Are there things or images that have no place in an application video? You can set up the background in a targeted way.

Secure stand and alignment of the smartphone

Of course, a smartphone tripod is ideal. But it doesn't have to be. Self-made stands made from books, special bookends or even constructions made from Lego bricks can also serve as good smartphone stands and have already proven their worth.

Optimal ist natürlich ein Smartphone-Stativ. Das muss aber nicht sein. Auch selbst gebaute Stützen aus Büchern, spezielle Buchstützen oder auch Konstruktionen aus Lego-Steinen können als gute Smartphone-Stative dienen und haben sich schon bewährt.

Different camera settings

You can also shoot the video application from more than one camera angle. Because a video application becomes really interesting when it consists of different scenes in different locations. Variety in the camera angles makes the video clips exciting. You can film yourself doing various activities that demonstrate your particular suitability for this job. The recipe for success with this type of video application is the short scenes and frequent cuts, which guarantee the attention of recruiters.


For the appearance in your video application, it is advisable to choose the same clothing as for a personal interview. The outfit should correspond to the professional field in which you would like to work. Dress to make a good impression. A special effect of good clothing is that it has an effect on your appearance. Your inner attitude also becomes more positive. Clothing for an application video should be designed without logos and prints, as these distract too much from your person and the content.

Here is a tip that relates to make-up. If a face shines in bright light, powdering it helps. And this also applies to men in the video.


You should come across well in the video. This means that it should be easy for the viewer to understand you. So watch your voice. It's best to speak clearly, distinctly and loudly enough. The right amount of calmness also achieves a good result. The right speed at which you speak makes your video content easier to understand. It's worth playing around with the recording options. You can repeat your presentation as often as you like. Try out how you come across best. After a few test recordings, you will know what is important.

It is very clever to include short pauses in the video. The viewer then has an opportunity to mentally follow the content. The pauses, which only need to last one or two seconds, give your message the right meaning.

Body language

An open posture makes you look confident. So open your arms from time to time, stand with your shoulders straight and emphasize your statements with indicative hand movements. But be careful: the situation in front of the video camera is a very special one. You may even experience stage fright, even if the video application is being recorded. Everyone wants to make a perfect appearance. However, stage fright and a good dose of excitement can be used in a positive way. The excitement makes you super alert for the presentation situation. Despite everything, your gestures should not reflect any nervousness or insecurity. Frequent repetitions will give you a confident appearance.


What thoughts do I need to have in my head to be able to convincingly present my motivation, my educational and professional development and my special knowledge and skills in the video? You can come up with the right content through self-reflection, for example. Ask yourself which events in your CV should be emphasized more. You can also explore your strengths through self-reflection in order to emphasize them in the video. You can keep the optimal duration of your videos under one minute. If you have a lot to say, it will be one minute and 30 seconds. You should have covered your main topics in the first 30 seconds. Because only if you can captivate the recruiter in the first few seconds will they invest more of their limited time in watching your video. That's how tough the battle for attention is.

You can prepare the content so that you can speak freely and fluently in the video. Only when you speak freely and authentically can your personality become clear. Practice your performance beforehand by speaking the content several times. Numerous repetitions may be necessary until you reach a certain level of confidence. During the repetitions, you get to know your message and practise getting it out into the world. You will notice how you need to emphasize your sentences to give your words the right expression. You can already make smartphone recordings at the trial stage, because with Close-up you can repeat your videos until everything is right. You can practise your self-presentation with a friend until you are as confident as a recruiter would like to hear and see you.


Good quality requires preparation. The lighting and sound should be just right, especially when shooting a video to complement your traditional application. Neither backlighting nor street noise are an advantage in a video if you want to emphasize your specific motivation for a position or employer. Everything that can be seen in the background can trigger enthusiasm for one employer and be inappropriate for another. It is therefore important to assess the background carefully, tidy it up if necessary and prepare it in a special way. Because nothing should detract from your appearance. When it comes to clothing, you can't go wrong if you put yourself in the situation of a job interview. The outfit you would then use is also suitable for your videos.

The most important thing is to always stay relaxed and don't pretend. After all, the recruiter watching your videos wants to get to know you in a genuine and undisguised way.